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updated website

Yay! New version of my website. Using Google apis on the Node side of things. Meaning I have scrapped the Angular for posts and routing. Might put back some Angular routing later. I’ve noticed that the Google+ api now shows where a post was shared to (Public, a community, etc). It also shows reshare details. Something that was missing and looked odd before. I’ve added Blogger api integration which means that my blog posts on master5o1.


An early prototype of Theucon primes-based text scrambling. Related to lolcryption.


WIP: LOLcryption in BrainFuck. Cannot handle characters with a code less than ‘a’. Will infinite loop in that case. If it isn’t an [a-z] then it should just echo the character. Try it out at

Bitcoin Update

In June 2011 I made a post about Bitcoin mining. In this post I said I had about 0.7 bitcoins. That was about two years ago. I have since bought NZD $350 worth of bitcoins (April 2013 after the crash) and traded that up to a value of NZD $525. The other day I discovered my old bitcoin wallet and found out that it had about 0.77 bitcoins in it.

Blog Logo

I’ve decided to make an image logo for this blog. It’s pretty simple and derived from the title `cat ./brain > ./blog` Made it simply outlines on a transparent (in here it’s black) background. I think it looks pretty good.

Erupted Through Some Shit From A Text Input Device

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