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bitNZ's API and making bitNZ a tad prettier

A wee while back the only New Zealand bitcoin exchange released its trading API. I immediately jumped at the chance to make something with it. And so, I’ve made an API library. It’s called bitnz-angular.

I’ve added it to the bower registry, and that feels kinda weird. It’s the first thing of mine that’s been added to any of these package registry things.

bitNZ Angular. An Angular API service for bitNZ

Like most things I do, they’re done to learn a bit more about the stuff I’m using, and to satisfy a project that I want to make. In this case, I started making a redesign of the bitNZ user interface.

With my friend Jordan, we set up an Angular based single page web app that intends to improve upon the user experience of trading bitcoin on bitNZ. We’ve called it Pretty bitNZ.

A significant improvement upon bitNZ’s trading interface

This is an open source project, which allows for anyone concerned with their privacy or security to scrutinise the code. It also means that anyone can contribute to Pretty bitNZ.
The website is hosted using GitHub:Pages, so the code in the GitHub repository is the code that runs this site.
The Pretty bitNZ GitHub repository is here: