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Bitcoin Update

In June 2011 I made a post about Bitcoin mining. In this post I said I had about 0.7 bitcoins.
That was about two years ago.
I have since bought NZD $350 worth of bitcoins (April 2013 after the crash) and traded that up to a value of NZD $525.
The other day I discovered my old bitcoin wallet and found out that it had about 0.77 bitcoins in it.
That’s like winning the lottery, man. At current prices, that’s about NZD $300. Just by finding a file that I assumed I would have lost. Fuck yeah!

I stopped mining shortly after that original post because I lost interest. I stopped caring about bitcoin for a year and a half. But now I’m trading bitcoins and it’s really quite fun.

I’ve only invested NZD $350, but I’ve made it last six months. While it is certainly gambling and possibly just pointlessly risky and funny money to most people. I compare it spending $350 at the casino and possibly blowing it all in one night. Bitcoin trading has lasted a lot longer than going to the casino in one night.

I immediately transferred the bitcoin out of that wallet and into my current one.