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Tag: 2011

Blog Logo

I’ve decided to make an image logo for this blog. It’s pretty simple and derived from the title `cat ./brain > ./blog` Made it simply outlines on a transparent (in here it’s black) background. I think it looks pretty good.

My Little Pet Rock!

Look at my new pet rock! Isn’t he cool? Though, he does need a name. I’m thinking, maybe, Horace.

Erupted Through Some Shit From A Text Input Device

Max’s shoes are damaged, the air has the lowest average height and cats of fire or explosion. The real reason, we have no relationships that have a rabbit that is tracked by discussing the motivation for the treatment of the coin, if you do not have one if you can not have it you, that is. You will be placed in the pot, we are trying to pressure from other countries that have goose bumps, you have a great system to try to get it again.

Spewing Some Shit via the Keyboard

That the biggest shoe can be destroyed by fire, the smallest cat can be exploded by air, the medium sized human has an average height. If you were to discuss the true motives of everything then nothing would happen without the reasoning of a rabbit tossing coins under the overpass into the railway tracks below. We have a wonderful system of try and get goosebumps attempting to try again while being pressurised in a cooking utensil from another country.


I’ve been playing with a bitcoin miner for about two weeks now. I have generated about 0.70 BTC using my laptop’s ATI graphics card. Is BitCoin a scam? Perhaps. But it doesn’t bother me because I am in no way going to put any of my own money into buying bitcoin. I will, however, put my computing power into generation of blocks using a pooled, gpu-accelerated mining technique. I’m treating bitcoin as a game.

Restarting this brain-leak interface.

It’s been more than a year since I last posted on this blog. This is probably mostly because my _real_ blog is my website, which kind of acts as a web-CV, without the personal info that a CV provides. I don’t really like blogger much, but that’s because the template system is shit and I wanted to have a very transparent white background where the main blog posts are. Instead I had to have none and darken the text on my page background.