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Tag: gist

NZ News Aggregator

I have made a news aggregator that uses Declutter to scraper article content.

Skinny 4G Broadband renewal script

Checks the balance to automatically apply daily Data Binge packs. Can be configured to run frequently using a cronjob.


Removes the clutter from various New Zealand news websites and creates a page for the article on

NZHerald Bypass

Bypasses the new NZHerald Premium paywall using Javascript to peek at the LD+JSON Schema to figure out which CSS selector is being used to hide content.


This is qif2json.ts is a minor refactor to bring Typescript support to the qif2json package available on NPM. It is the basic QIF parsing without any other requirements from Node (fs) or NPM (iconv, jschardet). This means that it is possible to do the QIF parsing in the browser.


html (+js) quine using data:text/html, for the url bar of a browser.


Small is or is not internet explorer. Provides .ie or .is-ie and .not-ie css classes.


Simpler Name Generator Thing


An early prototype of Theucon primes-based text scrambling. Related to lolcryption.


WIP: LOLcryption in BrainFuck. Cannot handle characters with a code less than ‘a’. Will infinite loop in that case. If it isn’t an [a-z] then it should just echo the character. Try it out at


unfinshed brainfuck interpreter in js. Still need to do [ and ].

array things.js

I’ve been nursing this in a JS Fiddle for a short time now. Just been playing with the LINQ methods and how they would be in JS.

I find OrderBy and GroupBy are interesting.