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Displays FizzBuzz without containing the string “Fizz” or “Buzz”. Reads the source and extracts the characters from the destructured function parameters.

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const GO=( F,i,z,{[z[0 ]]:B},u,  zz)=>B((F%      u?'':GO[z  [u/    u]] ()[z[zz-  zz/zz]](u- 
u,u            **u          +zz       -zz        )[z    [u] ](z    [zz      ],''      )[  
z[/*           **/         zz-       u/u]        ](u    -u, zz-    u/u     ))+       (F%
zz?'':GO[z     [u/        u]]       ()[          z[zz-zz/   zz]    ](u    -u,u      **u
+zz            -zz       )[z       [u]           ](z   [zz  ],''   )[z   [zz       -u/     
u]]            (zz      -u/       u))            ||F    )|| F<     zz**  u-u      **u      
+zz        -u?GO(F+1,i ,z,i[z[u- zz/zz]],u       ,zz):null   ;//)[z[z  z-u/u]])[ z[zz-u/u] 

GO(1,this,['log', 'toString', 'console', 'replace', 'substring', /[^a-z]/gi],console,3,5);