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Tag: 2014

bitNZ's API and making bitNZ a tad prettier

A wee while back the only┬áNew Zealand bitcoin exchange released its trading API. I immediately jumped at the chance to make something with it. And so, I’ve made an API library. It’s called bitnz-angular. I’ve added it to the bower registry, and that feels kinda weird. It’s the first thing of mine that’s been added to any of these package registry things. bitNZ Angular. An Angular API service for bitNZ

updated website

Yay! New version of my website. Using Google apis on the Node side of things. Meaning I have scrapped the Angular for posts and routing. Might put back some Angular routing later. I’ve noticed that the Google+ api now shows where a post was shared to (Public, a community, etc). It also shows reshare details. Something that was missing and looked odd before. I’ve added Blogger api integration which means that my blog posts on master5o1.


An early prototype of Theucon primes-based text scrambling. Related to lolcryption.


WIP: LOLcryption in BrainFuck. Cannot handle characters with a code less than ‘a’. Will infinite loop in that case. If it isn’t an [a-z] then it should just echo the character. Try it out at