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Raspberry Pi Controlled Garage Door

I made my first solder joint in about 15 years to achieve Smort control of my garage door using a Raspberry Pi 4, relay hat, and a spare remote.



  • Pi 3b+ I had lying around.
  • Garage door remote.
  • Relay hat.
  • Breakout board.
  • Some wires.


Intention is to make a ‘hat’ using the breakout board. This powers the remote from the Pi.


I bought a soldering iron and accessories.


Those don’t look too bad for something I haven’t done since high school.

First test cycling the relays with it connected to the remote. It works!

Toggling the door is now just a /toggle command for a telegram bot. I can then use the camera stream from my Reolink PTZ-423 to show me the door going up or down.
No need to add a sensor on the door to figure out whether it’s open if I can just take a photo.


Finally, swapped onto the Pi 4 I have in use.
Hey, that kinda looks like what I had planned.