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[0]: 7417249361539319935 (bitNZ's API and making bitNZ a tad prettier)
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[4]: 8283681472872703287 (My Little Pet Rock!)
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[6]: 4997787604101942028 (I was told to make a blog post)
[7]: 7463472050398830629 (Spewing Some Shit via the Keyboard)
[8]: 2864662148568725544 (Bitcoin)
[9]: 5326037792826727024 (Restarting this brain-leak interface.)
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A wee while back the only New Zealand bitcoin exchange released its trading API. I immediately jumped at the chance to make something with it. And so, I've made an API library. It's called bitnz-angular.

I've added it to the bower registry, and that feels kinda weird. It's the first thing of mine that's been added to any of these package registry things.

bitNZ Angular. An Angular API service for bitNZ

Like most things I do, they're done to learn a bit more about the stuff I'm using, and to satisfy a project that I want to make. In this case, I started making a redesign of the bitNZ user interface.

With my friend Jordan, we set up an Angular based single page web app that intends to improve upon the user experience of trading bitcoin on bitNZ. We've called it Pretty bitNZ.

A significant improvement upon bitNZ's trading interface

This is an open source project, which allows for anyone concerned with their privacy or security to scrutinise the code. It also means that anyone can contribute to Pretty bitNZ.
The website is hosted using GitHub:Pages, so the code in the GitHub repository is the code that runs this site.
The Pretty bitNZ GitHub repository is here: github.com/master5o1/pretty-bitnz
Yay! New version of my website.

Using Google apis on the Node side of things. Meaning I have scrapped the Angular for posts and routing. Might put back some Angular routing later.

I've noticed that the Google+ api now shows where a post was shared to (Public, a community, etc). It also shows reshare details. Something that was missing and looked odd before.

I've added Blogger api integration which means that my blog posts on master5o1.blogspot.co.nz will come through to the ramblings section.

Still to come:

  • Pretty up the list of creations page.
  • Add some sort of caching so that Google API requests aren't done all the fucking time.
  • Make the app generic, with a separate theme. Release this thing on GitHub so that it may be reused by anyone else who wants a Google+ and/or Blogger based website.
In June 2011 I made a post about Bitcoin mining. In this post I said I had about 0.7 bitcoins.
That was about two years ago.
I have since bought NZD $350 worth of bitcoins (April 2013 after the crash) and traded that up to a value of NZD $525.
The other day I discovered my old bitcoin wallet and found out that it had about 0.77 bitcoins in it.
That's like winning the lottery, man. At current prices, that's about NZD $300. Just by finding a file that I assumed I would have lost. Fuck yeah!

I stopped mining shortly after that original post because I lost interest. I stopped caring about bitcoin for a year and a half. But now I'm trading bitcoins and it's really quite fun.

I've only invested NZD $350, but I've made it last six months. While it is certainly gambling and possibly just pointlessly risky and funny money to most people. I compare it spending $350 at the casino and possibly blowing it all in one night. Bitcoin trading has lasted a lot longer than going to the casino in one night.

I immediately transferred the bitcoin out of that wallet and into my current one.
I've decided to make an image logo for this blog.  It's pretty simple and derived from the title `cat ./brain > ./blog`

Made it simply outlines on a transparent (in here it's black) background.  I think it looks pretty good.

Look at my new pet rock!  Isn't he cool?  Though, he does need a name.  I'm thinking, maybe, Horace.

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tl;dr: fucking lazy to read it.
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 tl;dr: read it you lazy fuck.
I've been playing with a bitcoin miner for about two weeks now.  I have generated about 0.70 BTC using my laptop's ATI graphics card.

Is BitCoin a scam? Perhaps.  But it doesn't bother me because I am in no way going to put any of my own money into buying bitcoin.   I will, however, put my computing power into generation of blocks using a pooled, gpu-accelerated mining technique.  I'm treating bitcoin as a game.  
This way, if it is a scam, I don't lose any money.  If it isn't a scam, I can probably make some sort of profit from the system.

Mining is easy, you just get a program and set some arguments to make it work properly.  I prefer the Poclbm-mod miner.  It's a GPU accelerated miner that gets work data from a mining pool server.  Why pooled mining? Because then I have to do less work to attempt to get some denomination of bitcoins.

I connect to the Eligius mining pool on the US server.

Poclbm-mod GPU miner connected to Eligius-US pooled mining server.
It's been more than a year since I last posted on this blog.   This is probably mostly because my _real_ blog is my website, which kind of acts as a web-CV, without the personal info that a CV provides.

I don't really like blogger much, but that's because the template system is shit and I wanted to have a very transparent white background where the main blog posts are.  Instead I had to have none and darken the text on my page background.  Fuck you blogger template designer.  Fuck you.
Ok, so maybe that was a little harsh.  Blogger does allow me to input CSS, but I have no fucking idea which classes to use to override the colours.  Perhaps I'll have to figure out something else.

This is generally going to be a ramble blog about geeky things that interest, influence or affect me in some way.

I would like to treat you to an image that I cooked up earlier.  It's of one of my lecturers for Computer Science, and she tends to make things plural.  My friend imagined her using the Enhance image filter algorithm that TV overuses just a bit too much.  But VisualBasic has never had a better plug than CSI.